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Gustaw, Stefan and the Mean Parrot

This week the PostgreSQL pets are two lovely dogs, Gustaw, Stefan that live with a mean parrot. They are presented by Alicja Kucharczyk.

Tell us about your pets

I currently live with 3 pets, two wonderful dogs and unfortunately one mean parrot. The older one Gustaw - is 16 years old and he is a mix of a vacuum cleaner and a dog. Vacuum cleaner because he is passionate about food in each form and also all the other items not commonly considered as food. He is widely known among local anglers as the wizard causing their food to magically disappear.

Stefan, on the other hand is a new family member, he is around 4 years old, white with ginger dots. He is highly intelligent, which has good and bad sides. For instance he learned very quickly how to open the doors or how to find vulnerabilities in the fence which he uses pretty often to explore the village.


How did you choose them?

With Gustaw it was love at first sight, I just saw him at the event organized by a local shelter and totally fell in love.

With Stefan the choice was more advised. We let the volunteers from the same shelter suggest to us the dog that would fit the rest of the family, and they did an amazing job!

With the parrot, the choice wasn’t mine. It was more an inevitable consequence of pairing with another homo sapiens who you can “inherit” some stuff from, like herpes…


Do they help you with PostgreSQL?

The dogs - of course. They provide invaluable help when I am stuck at some point and are very good at listening, especially about complex performance problems.


Anything else you like to add?

Yes, parrots live way too long. Did you know that Churchill’s parrot lived over 100 years? And what’s the most important message I’d like to pass along with you: If you would ever think about having a parrot - do not do that! (assuming you are not a masochist)