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This week the PostgreSQL pet is Milo the ginger cat adopted by Dave Page.

Tell us about your pet

Milo is about 18 months old, and moved in when he was a kitten. We’ve had many cats over the years, and he is by far the craziest; he can be loving one moment, and fighty the next.

He can go from sleeping like a log to trying to climb the inside of the chimney in seconds. He also has an unnatural obsession with flowers which the vet finds highly amusing.

Milo loves the flowers

How did you choose him?

I didn’t - my wife and daughter just showed up with him one day!

Milo sitting

Does he help you with PostgreSQL?

No, quite the opposite as a kitten - he used to take great delight in sitting on my keyboard when I was trying to work. Thankfully he seems to have grown out of that.


Tell us about the daily routine

He’ll usually jump on my chest or face at 4AM to tell me it’s morning and he wants his breakfast. We can’t shut him out of the bedroom as he’ll squeak at the door (yes, he has a squeak rather than a meow) and try - and often succeed - to claw up the carpet if we do.

Usually around 6 or 7AM I’ll give up trying to sleep, and he’ll ignore any breakfast and head out to survey his territory outside. Breakfast will then be around 8 or 9AM, followed by sleep.

Most of the rest of the day is usually a mix of sleeping and wandering around outside, sometimes fighting with other local cats, and sometimes visiting our neighbours.

In the evening, he’ll normally want a snack. He’s partial to a good mature cheddar and will sit by the fridge until one of us gets him some.

By around 9PM, he’s usually sleeping again, and will periodically wake up, choose a new place to sleep for a while, and then repeat until 4AM when he gets bored and it all starts over again.

Milo on the couch with halloween coat

How did you choose the name?

That was my daughter’s choice. I have no idea why - it was just the one choice that seemed to fit out of a load of terrible ones.

Anything else you like to add?

Cats are simultaneously both the best and the worst pets. Get one at your own risk!

Dave Page’s interview